8 Days Trek Margherita Peak

8 Days Trek Margherita Peak

The 8 Days Trek Margherita Peak takes you trekking up the highest peak in the Rwenzoris Margherita peak at 5,109 meters. It’s tough and challenging due to the melting ice on top and exposed slippery rocks mainly at the final summit day. Climate change has definitely affected the mountains as well. climbing the Peak is now technical due to the ever-increasing number of crevasses and exposed slippery rocks making the summit more difficult than what it was before. However, the final ascent to the actual peak is more of a hard scramble than a climb and snowing makes it harder as it is thin ice.

Though with all that said, the rewards and exhilaration of reaching the top peaks are next to none and our trained competent guides will guide you safely to Margherita peak.

Detailed 8 Days Trek Margherita Peak itinerary:

Day 1:

  Meet at the base-camp Trekkers hostel Kilembe. Then you will have a briefing from the guides.  Then start the trek by walking up the valley floor through the Afro-montane forest that has a number of primates and bird species.  Visit the Enock falls near Sine hut; then spend a night at Sine Camp 2,596 meters with a height gain of 1,146 meters.

Day 2:

Hike to Mutinda camp at 3,688 meters, giving you, a height gain of 1,092 meters. In the afternoon at Mutinda, one may wish to climb up to the top of Mutinda. While at the top of Mutinda at 3,975 meters look out at breathtaking views of Kasese town and  Lake George. This, therefore, gives you good acclimatization since you would be continuing higher to the summit at 5,109 meters. Overnight at Mutinda camp.

Day 3:

Hike to Bugata camp at 4,100 meters, through the Mutinda valley of amazingly unique beautiful plant species, giant lobelias, flowers, streams, and waterfalls. Then climb to Namusangi valley at 3,840 meters with many ups and down the trail that climbs steadily to Bugata camp at 4,100 meters; with a height gain of 412 meters. The trek gets tougher and exhausting with the steep ridges, mud, and high steps; but the rewards are enormously beautiful. Overnight at Bugata camp.

Day 4:

Hike to Hunwick’s camp at 3,974 meters, via Bamwanjara pass at 4,450 meters having excellent views of the main peaks of; Mt Stanley, Mt Baker and Weismann’s peak on a clear day. Therefore spend a night at Hunwick’s camp.

Day 5:

Hike to Margherita camp at 4,485 meters. From Hunwick’s camp trek down and across the valley floor to Lake Kitandara; which is very Beautiful with deep water and beautiful vegetation surrounding. Then trek through Scott Elliot pass to Margherita camp. Spend a night at Margherita camp.

Day 6:

 Wake up at 2:00 am and have a cup of coffee then set off to climb Mt Stanley; going through its glaciers to the summit of Margherita peak at 5,109 meters. After the summit, you will also descend down to Hunwick’s camp at 3,974 meters for the night.

Day 7:

  From Hunwick camp, trek up a ridge via Mc Connell’s prong. Then enjoy the beautiful views of the 3 peaks; and the Scott Elliott’s pass before reaching Oliver’s pass at 4,505 meters. Cross the confluence of Nyamwamba river to Kiharo camp.

Day 8:

Kiharo camp to Trekkers hostel. The trail down the Nyamwamba valley has stunning views waterfalls, deep valleys and the best forests in Rwenzori. Debrief and Refresh.

End of 8 Days Trek Margherita Peak.